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About Kenos Press
We publish literary works that encourage an intimate connection with the Divine and focus on uplifting the human spirit while furthering peace by improving our universal connection with one another
. . . one book at a time.
Curious to know what lies behind who we are at Kenos Press and the purpose behind this press? Kenos Press publishes works that encourage consciousness of oneself, our interconnectedness with one another, and our relationship to the One, the Creator, God. We are committed to publishing and supporting authors whose work attempts to reveal how communication and higher purpose creates a new paradigm and bonds the community of this planet through higher purpose. In sharing our commonality through stories and life experiences, through philosophy and education and through endeavoring to live with an open mind to possibilities, we can bridge divides.

In this, we find ourselves interested in publishing works that seek to improve the human condition and project a positive message.
Kenos Press is an imprint of Six Degrees Publishing Group. Submissions are open to authors and literary agents. Please submit a query letter of 500 words or less containing a synopsis of your proposed manuscript, the genre, and the status (whether it is completed or what stage it is in) and the targeted market and your marketing plan for your book. The query letter may be submitted through Six Degrees Publishing Group by email to Please reference Kenos Press in the subject line.

Please visit the Six Degrees Publishing Group website to learn more about publishing and submissions at
If you have written material between 40,000 and 75,000 words, more or less, about the subject of self-improvement, recovery, spirituality, psychology, healthy living, advocacy, or education, please consider submitting your work to Kenos Press for consideration. We would love to hear from you.
"uplifting the human spirit"
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