Judith Hensel
What Happened to the Animal-Human Spiritual Connection?
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The QUESTION is a fantasy about characters created out of real life people who join the animals in an imaginary setting to find the answer to their question. Among articles published about the book’s premises, one article “Evolving in a Conscious Universe,” was published in QUEST, Theosophical Journal and inspired the magazine’s content theme.

As former Associate Professor of Art and Humanities, St. Xavier University, Chicago, Judith received numerous awards as an artist and teacher including special recognition by the Associated Press and the Governor of Illinois. She wrote and directed two critically acclaimed rock operas, “Hosanna!” and “Taproot” performed by student talent as well as talent from across the Chicago region to sell-out audiences. Her artwork is in several private collections in Australia, the Netherlands, New York, Illinois, California, Colorado and Wisconsin; and for several years was available at the Art Institute of Chicago rental gallery. She holds the MSA in Painting and Graphics, University of Wisconsin; and the MA in Communications/Television Production, University of Illinois-Chicago Campus.

Shown on the book's cover is OM! a montage-painting Author Judith Hensel created for a one-person exhibition celebrating “The Animal-Human Spiritual Connection” held in Boulder, Colorado.

Judith is an avid supporter of the Humane Society of the United States, PETA, PCRM, the Jane Goodall Institute, ASPCA, Humane Farming Association, the Boulder Valley Humane Society and Green Peace.

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"I chose the venue of fantasy to entice the readers to listen to the animals express their concerns about their relationship with humans and our future together....My hope is the readers will simply enjoy the adventure. In these days of chaos we live in, the animals story is funny, loving and healing. My deepest hope is the readers will enjoy the trip."
Judy Hensel
"Shadow Bop" and Judy