Under My Roof
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   Author, Emalou King, is a mother and retired RN and has been published in the Canadian Journal of Nursing, contributed to Mosby's textbook, Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing, won the NDSNA writing contest twice and is the author of two paperback children's books.
   King explains she is a mother in pursuit of truth, justice, advocacy and education in the prevention of child sexual abuse.
  Through her own experience, which she shares in Under My Roof, she has come to understand, and in turn, hopes to convince you, "When a mother knows something is amiss . . . there is something amiss; and, when a mother thinks something is wrong . . . something is wrong."
   Ultimately, King started her life over, but kept her family secrets from friends, clients and colleagues because of shame and embarrassment.
A MOTHER'S Story of the
Heinous Crime of Incest
By Emalou King, RN, BSN, Phn
   This book is a memoir of Emalou King's personal experience of young love that turns to deceit, heartbreak . . . and ultimately, triumph.
   Her story is experienced from a mother's perspective of a terrible crime perpetrated in her own home.
   Replete with unrecognized clues: a controlling and manipulating spouse, alcoholism and isolation from family and friends, to name just a few, this riveting story is both an eye-opener and educational.
   Conversational in style, this book is a page-turner that, once begun, you'll find difficult to put down -- or ever forget!
Under My Roof
A Mother's Story of the Heinous Crime of Incest.
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