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"I want people to know it's not too late. We don't need to quit our corporate jobs, move upstate and start an organic farm to show we are relevant. We can change the world right from our desk at work. This 12-week guide is written in clear, concise language with intentions each week on becoming a 'spiritual activist' at work. Included at the end of each weekly chapter are inspirational quotes and journal pages to take notes and record your learnings and takeaways. Treat this like a training course at work, except that it's all about peace and love. You know, the important stuff!"
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Camille’s philosophy of continuously pushing aside fear and instead leading through love, while infusing spirituality into all her meetings and daily coaching sessions, has won her several awards in profitability, and contributed to uplifting customer, employee and coworker experiences throughout her career as a banker and branch manager. Camille can’t help but bring what she calls her “hippie-dippie nature” to work with her each day. Many of her coworkers and peers have been treated to angel card readings, learned to see their own aura, and have started their days with the intention to “put it out in the Universe.”

Although Camille will forever be a “flower child” from New York at heart, she now resides in Orlando, Florida where she is close to her two greatest achievements: her daughters Arianna and Carissa.
ISBN: 978-1-942497-08-0
Throughout her career, Camille has always believed in bringing peace, love and spirituality to the workplace and in the universal truth that we are all one. She’s on a mission to bring that mindset to everyone she meets, both personally and professionally.