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"I am the mother of an addict. I'm in recovery as much as my addicted son is in recovery.

"Like many who hear about or personally experience the destructive effects of addiction, it took serious convincing for me to consider it a 'disease.' In fact, I was pretty self-righteous about it. I told myself, 'You don't see a cancer patient or diabetic stealing from the jewelry box of a family member nor damaging the people that love and need them.'

"But I didn't have an informed understanding of addiction. I was certain I could outsmart and tough love my son right out of addiction."
Annie Highwater's memoir follows the experiences of one mother who started her own life in a grossly neglected home and came to realize how those experiences both helped and hindered what would be the hardest, most heartbreaking, yet illuminating challenge of her life.

Annie learns to understand her own reactions and digs deep into her past successful and unsuccessful strategies, sets boundaries, enlists resources, and moves through life with acceptance and determination.

As the country struggles to address the issues of the rampant epidemic of opioid abuse and addiction, this story is especially relevant in helping us all understand the personal challenges facing parents and family members and how family dynamics both help and hinder the recovery process.

This is a short read designed to help families in recovery and open conversation.
ISBN :978-1-942497-21-9
eBook ISBN: 978-1-942497-22-6
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"Riveting! Annie's story of her own recovery through her son's addiction is an inspiration for all of us that love someone with a substance addiction."
--Mark S.
Recovery Today Podcast
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