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Author Will Olivas
Will Olivas is a young author who began his writing career at age 15 with his first novel Infinite (The Story of KIRA COMMAND). He is a graduate of Syracuse University in New York where he majored in creative writing and communications.

Will is an accomplished multi-faceted artist and athlete having been the lead singer and guitarist in the indie rock band, His Royal Fools, in his home town, San Jose, California and holds a third degree black belt in Karate.
"Wow!!! Fast paced and Funny!! What a GREAT book - loved it. I had a few minutes and started to read this book, but I could not put it down!! If you like fast moving, funny, action packed, thought provoking adventures, you will love this book. Full of twists, turns, and suspense and written with a unique, ingenious, sense of humor..... I can't wait for the next in the series...there will be more I hope?????" -- Barnes and Noble Nook Book Customer Review
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